About this game

Dark murder casts a shadow on the streets of Kamakura. You must enter the shogun’s house at night to steal the evidence. The culprit can no longer be safe… Discover one of Budapest’s most beautiful japanese exit game, The Shogun’s Shadow! Solve the mystery of the shogun’s house! Toranaga, the Shogun waiting for you…

You only have 60 minutes to overcome all the obstacles and find the evidence in the Shogun’s house.

To resolve all the challenges, you will need to work in team and think together. Use your intelligence and be smarter than the shogun!

The game is suitable for 2-8 people. Our youngest player was 1.5 years old, the oldest was 63. The game is set up to be challenging, but it is not a scary game. The biggest scare is the chance of not escaping the room!
It’s a great fun for the whole family.

How do we differ from other escape rooms?

In our games, we put a special emphasis on creating a mood to let our players really get into the story. As for the design of rooms and the elaboration, we are excited about the other free rooms in Budapest. You can not prove this better than we’ve been at Tripadvisor for 5 years now. For our design team, the primary consideration is to create rooms that can be enjoyable and solvable for everyone, so that the rate of successful escapes is nearly 100%. We are proud of the fact that, apart from the traditional rooms, we offer our players innovative rooms, that are unusual. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

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Ideal team size
Difficulty level


Minute game time
English / Hungarian
Perfect for families!

Our Prices

2 person 11990 HUF/team
3 person 13990 HUF/team
4 person 13990 HUF/team
5 person 13990 HUF/team
6 person 14940 HUF/team
7 person 17430 HUF/team
8 person 19920 HUF/team

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If someone cannot attend the appointment, is it possible to change the appointment date?
Yes it is, if you send us an email (info@mystiqueroom.hu) 3 days prior to your appointment. Please include in your email details about which appointment you would like to cancel and which would be a new suitable appointment. However, what we cannot accept: if someone pays for the game in advance, but doesn’t attend the appointment and asks for a new appointment subsequently.
Is the game suitable under 18?
We welcome everyone at MystiqueRoom. There is no scary or adult content in any of our rooms. If they are willing to face the challenge and think they are smarter than adults, they are free to give themselves a chance. Due to the protection of objects in the rooms, at least one adult’s presence is necessary.
What happens if the bank transfer is not received prior to the game (e.g. due to bank holidays)?
No problem, come to play anyway. You will have to pay for the game in cash in place. If the transfer comes through afterwards, we will transfer back the total sum to the sender.
Can we play in a team of more than 8 person?
The ideal way of playing is in a team of 2-8 persons. If there are more than 8 members in the team, you will set each other back, and there will be less things to do for each person.
What should we wear for the game?
We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Forget about suits, high heels, ties for this one hour!

If you have any question? Send mail to info@mystiqueroom.hu, or call us: +36 30 / 799 56 79

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