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Team building

If your business, group or organization is looking for a unique and fun team building event, then look no further!

Mystique Room is able to organize large scale team building events. Each escape room game plot can be modified according to the Client’s profile and requests. Teams must use communication, logic skills and good teamwork to escape within the one-hour time limit! Everyone finds a contributing role in this unique experience – guaranteed to be a super morale booster and team building adventure! All games are also available in English!

If your business, group or organization is looking for a unique and fun team building event, then look no further!
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Team building

Class trip



Action, adventure and exciting challenge for the whole class! Fun is guaranteed in the escape rooms of Mystiqueroom, with sense of success and laughter awaiting you. 9 escape rooms welcome you in which multiple teams can pursue their adventures. In our astonishing tracks up to 60 persons may play at once. Not only can the teams compete with time, but also with each other. A 1-hour, playful challenge for every schoolchildren. Would you prefer a longer program? You can even try different tracks, so after the first game the teams can participate in another game following a short break.

Class trip


A real addition to an unforgettable holiday is a fantastic escape! Surprise your friends with a special game! Don’t worry about the cake and other accessories, we will take care of them!

The plan includes:
– 1 hour escape game in the theme of your choice,
– birthday cake in a chosen taste,
– welcome soft drink for everyone!

Are you organizing a birthday or kids’ party? Download our ornate invitations!



Bachelor- and bachelorette party

Would you like to organize a memorable bachelor or bachelorette party?

In our escape rooms, your celebrated friend is guaranteed to have one of the best parties of his/her life, where you will gain unforgettable memories. Without any awkward situation or tense moment.


Everyone can freely have fun, and it’s no problem if the invitees don’t all know each other. Joint teamwork, tasks and games hold together the festive group. If the company plans an afterparty for the night, the good mood and a converging team are guaranteed by the end of the game.

Bachelor- and bachelorette party

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